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Tutoring Sessions for OT Exam

Suppose you are currently planning on becoming a Registered OTR® (Occupational Therapist Registered). In that case, you most likely are preparing to take the NBCOT® exam administered by the NBCOT® (National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy).

This exam is made to measure students’ entry-level competence who have met the certification requirements and ensure they possess the necessary knowledge required to practice occupational therapy.

We understand that studying for this can be overwhelming and very difficult, so we would like to offer you our private tutoring services.

Study materialPrivate tutoring helps you in:

1 hour sessions via Zoom/Phone
1 Tutoring Session is Discounted $10 for Paid Memberes enroled in out Webcourse
4 Tutoring Session is Descounted $325 For paid member enroled in out Webcourse
  • Improving critical thinking
  • Dealing with test anxiety
  • Thoroughly understand complex material.
  • Learn the correct Interventions
  • Students Avg. a 6 point increase with each private tutoring session
  • Students with 4 sessions or more have over a 90% passing rate.

Working with a Pass the OT Tutor has many potential benefits, including making your NBCOT® exam prep simpler as well as boosting your confidence.

All of our experienced tutors are licensed clinicians who are qualified and knowledgeable of the exam. During each one-hour tutoring session (which is conducted via zoom or over the phone), your tutor will help you accomplish the individual goals you have in mind. Your tutoring session will be tailored to your particular needs, whether it be learning methods of dissecting exam questions or brushing up on a specific topic. Our tutors will be able to help you determine when you are genuinely ready to take the NBCOT® exam.

Our statistics have shown that receiving tutoring prep while taking our online course proves to be more effective than just receiving tutoring alone. Therefore, it is recommended that you use our online course in conjunction with our tutoring.

Our tutors will be available to see your current scores and make your tutoring sessions more efficient.

Don´t hesitate; book your session today to start preparing for the NBCOT® exam.

Take advantage of our tutor matching system to find the most suitable tutor for you.

1 hour sessions via Zoom/Phone

Free Weekly Group Calls Included For All Active Members

(Free trial members also have access to one group call)

Upcoming Group Calls

During a group call, the first 30 minutes will be focused on content and the last 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, strategies to help you break down questions and rationalize interventions.